Arinze on ICEL and Liturgiam Authenticam

Cardinal Arinze has written a letter to Bishop Skylstad, the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, stating that the CDW is "not competent" to grant recognitio to translations that do not follow the norms of Liturgiam Authenticam. Apparently, some of the US Bishops are worried that we will all be so hurt if our cherished ICEL translations are changed.

Faith Magazine has been campaigning for over 30 years on this issue. As a priest and a Latinist, I am appalled that my people have been deprived for so long of the content of the Church's prayers. Here's an example:
accipiens et hunc praeclarum calicem in sanctas ac vererabiles manus suas
Actual meaning:
taking also this glorious chalice into his holy and venerable hands
Current ICEL translation:
He took the cup
Oh, I'm really so attached to that!

(See also Fr Stephanos' great caption to a photo of Pope Benedict.)

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