"Keep your lamps lit"

The Pastoral Theme this year at Lourdes is "Keep your lamps lit". On our parish pilgrimage we make use of the high quality materials provided by the Shrine authorities. The official booklet on the theme has scriptural and patristic quotations to illustrate the theme and a helpful reflection by Bishop Perrier.

Sadly, for the English edition, they have obviously asked a liturgical expert to supply them with the texts of some hymns that would go with the theme. Turn away now if you know what is coming and just can't bear it. These are the hymns:
  • Colours of Day

  • I watch the sunrise

  • Shine Jesus Shine

  • Walk in the light
Clearly somebody has to be shot. I'm off to the Palais du Rosaire to see if they can sell me a Lourdes gun.

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