Where I will be tomorrow

Flying off tomorrow to Lourdes with 20 parishioners for our annual five-day pilgrimage. We make all our own travel and accommodation arrangements, keeping the cost well below that of the organised tour companies. Our programme includes Mass each day: we arrange the chapels by email with the most helpful shrine authorities. We will be joining the International Mass on Wednesday and the English Mass at the Grotto on Friday. This year, our Pilgrims Book includes the texts of the Hail Mary in various languages and the various Latin chants that are used during the torchlight procession. We stay at the Hotel d'Angleterre, near the St Joseph's gate. As well as being conveniently just across the road from the Domaine, it has great character and the proprietors and staff are helpful and friendly.

Don't know if there will be much posting this week but if there is a convenient Internet Cafe, I'll try and let you know any news from there. I hope to post some good photos when I get back.

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