Anthony Ozimic fights 3-1 pounding and wins on points

Calm, dispassionate and devastatingly effective, Anthony Ozimic of SPUC argued against the promotion of same-sex marriage in schools on ITV's "This Morning."

It was quite typical of British television that he not only had to answer his invited guest opponent - that would be fair enough - but also the relentless hostile questioning of both presenters on the opposite sofa. There was not even the pretence of impartiality.

At one point, the instant audience reaction was 80% for and 20% against teaching gay marriage in schools, but by the end the gap had narrowed to 60% - 40%. In such an arena, arguing alone against three opponents, this was a highly significant swing. At the end, even the presenters had to acknowledge this and managed to admit that the debate was "interesting."

Congratulations to Anthony for this sterling defence of marriage and to SPUC for their determined campaign on this issue.

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